6 Commercial Painting Mistakes You Won’t Find In A Professional's Work!

6 Commercial Painting Mistakes You Won’t Find In A Professional’s Work!

Painting a commercial property differs hugely from curing the chipping paint on your living room wall. A commercial painting job must be up to code and often done quickly on an ambitiously large scale. This can lead to some common mistakes if you are not careful. Spray Tex Painting, serving Denton, TX, brings you this informative blog on how hiring a professional for commercial painting can be a smarter choice.

Here are six commercial painting mistakes that a professional painter can help you avoid:

1. Not Preparing The Surface Properly

One commercial painting mistake is not preparing the surface to be painted. This can include not cleaning it or not using the right type of primer. If you avoid this crucial step, you will likely end up with a paint job that does not last very long.

2. Applying The Paint Too Thin

When it comes to commercial painting, less is not more. You should never apply paint too thinly, resulting in an uneven coat that is more likely to chip and peel. A professional painter knows how much paint is needed to end up with a smooth, even finish.

3. Painting In Direct Sunlight

As much as we depend on the sun for survival, it can also ruin many things. One of those things is painting a wall. When the paint dries too quickly, it can result in an uneven coat that will eventually start to peel and flake off. So, if you are painting outdoors, be sure to do so in the shade.

4. Using The Wrong Type Of Paint For The Surface

Another common commercial painting mistake is not using the correct type of paint. People usually buy an incompatible paint when they are trying to save money or don’t know any better. Either way, it is a mistake that can lead to big problems. The surface may not be adequately protected, the paint may not adhere well, or it may not last as long as it should.

5. Not Using Primer When Needed

A primer makes sure that the paint adheres to the surface and provides a good foundation. The paint is more likely to chip, flake, or peel without it. In some cases, you may get away with not using a primer if you are painting over an existing layer of paint that is in good condition.

6. Not Allowing Enough Time For The Paint To Dry

Paint needs time to dry and set properly. Depending on the paint, temperature, and humidity, this can take a few hours to a couple of days. Trying to hurry the process with a hairdryer or opening windows might result in an uneven finish or paint that is more likely to peel off.

Letting professionals take care of painting a commercial property needs is the best way to ensure that the job is done right. They have the adequate experience and knowledge to properly prep and paint your home. If you’re looking for a painting contractor serving Denton, TX, check out our services at Spray Tex Painting. We provide a range of commercial painting services suiting best to your needs.

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