Customer Name: Greg G

Location: Lower Greenville, Dallas TX

Job Details: This project was quite a challenge. We were brought in to deliver a quality and durable paint job that would keep this exterior looking great for many years. There were a couple things we had to overcome before thinking about painting. Tons of vines/tendrills clinging to the brick and lots of peeling paint.

How it Went: This exterior repaint went smoothly. With advance help from the homeowner, we were able to remove all the vines and power wash all loose tendrils. Once the house dried, we completely primed the damaged areas to seal everything else out. We were able to replace all damaged/rotting wood, seal the house, and apply a fresh/durable coat of Sherwin Williams Superpaint to all exterior surfaces.

Customer Quote: “Very impressed with the time and attention to detail that was given to my house. All of my concerns were heard before work began, an in-depth plan was then created, and finally executed flawlessly. So thankful for Spray Tex!”

Before Pictures

After Pictures