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Customer: Horizon Lighthouse Private School and Childcare Center

Location: Rockwall, TX

Project Details: After visiting with the client and understanding their goals, we discovered that they wanted to transform the inside of their daycare. They felt that the previous color scheme was “worn and outdated.” Plus, they wanted a more modern look with a strong pop of color!

As you can see from the “before” pictures below, there were several murals that were beaten up and needed to be brought back to a blank canvas.

We also put a lot of energy into renewing the outside playground equipment. After all, the kids deserved something new that they could enjoy! To do so, we applied a solid dark brown stain to roughly 10 wooden structures. This ensured a longer life span for their playground equipment, which will also give the children many more years of outdoor enjoyment. 

How it Went: As the client is a fully operational Private School and Childcare Center, we were only able to work on weekends. It’s not a good idea to have all of that paint around while the kids are there!

While this presented a challenge, Spray Tex Painting was able to accommodate their schedule by working on the weekends. We were able to complete all 10 rooms, the hallways and entry area, large gymnasium, and exterior stain work in just 4 weekends.

As a professional commercial painting company, we know it is important to work around a busy work schedule!

Customer Quote: “Spray Tex, we really love our new look. Josh and his team were great. They did a fantastic job on our preschool!”
– Horizon Lighthouse MGMT

Before Pictures