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CUSTOMER NAME: Lance & Krystal Wakefield

LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX

PROJECT DETAILS: Lance and Krystal reached out to us with the goal of improving the value of their 4200 square foot Fort Worth home so they could “flip” the property for the highest amount possible. The project would have even made Chip and Joanna jealous, as we painted the full interior (walls, ceiling, trim, and cabinetry) and stained the exterior door, pergola, and fence.

Before, the look of the home was outdated and “worn out.” Now, it is modern and very attractive. Check out the before and after slideshows below for a more detailed look!

We were able to take care of painting the full interior in record time, completing that portion of the project in just over 1 week. The exterior staining and repairs were a bit trickier due to severe weather. However, Spray Tex was there to finish the job as soon as the sun was out again!

It was a lot of house to paint and a lot of work to get done in order to get the home ready for sale. We believe that working closely and keeping very clear communication with the Wakefield’s throughout the entire project led to a job well done! 


Before Images

After Images