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Customer name – Han

Location – West Plano

Project Details – When Han called Spray Tex Painting, he had a big project in mind. His home in West Plano, while beautiful, was in need of a fresh coat of paint for the walls, ceilings, crown molding, trim and cabinetry.

By the time we were finished, it felt like we painted every square inch of interior space on this home! 

From the picture below, you can see that the walls went from white to a very popular light grey color with white semi gloss trim. This 3200 sq ft house demanded a lot of paint and a very skilled hand to make it look great!

How It Went – For a project of this size, it requires a lot of work to ensure paint doesn’t get everywhere. For example, we took great care to ensure that the gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the home were protected from unwanted paint stains. 

Instead of rushing through the job as quickly as possible, we find it is important to take care of all the small details to ensure a quality job. 

The customer was also living in the home while we were painting, so we worked closely with the homeowner to ensure they had a clean area to get away from the paint fumes. No one wants to suffer while their home is being remodeled!

The total duration of the project was just over two weeks, but the quality that resulted was absolutely worth the wait.

Customer Quote: “Thank you for your excellent work!”

Before Pictures

After Pictures