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Customer Name: Candice P

Location: Frisco, TX

Project Details: This project started as many do, with a homeowner moving into a new home. When purchasing the home, Candice knew that at least 3 bedrooms needed paint work.

However, life threw a curveball after closing on the home. With all the furniture gone, it became clear that the entire house needed a fresh coat of paint.

Thankfully, Spray Tex Painting was able to work out this change order and paint all walls, 5 ceilings, and trim prior to her moving in!

How it Went: While we are easily able to paint within a fully furnished home, working in a completely empty house allows for a much quicker overall project timeline. In fact, the total duration of the project took only 5 days to paint this 3100 square foot house!

We also helped Candice pick out the colors for her new home. She decided to use Accessible Beige (Sherwin Williams) throughout most of the house. This is a warm, neutral tone that is perfect for entry ways and main living spaces.
We also put a darker color in the media room and some more fun colors in the kid’s rooms for a bit of personality and contrast.

This was an enjoyable project and we loved getting to transform Candice’s new home!

Customer Quote: “Had the entire interior of my home painted. It was a wonderful experience dealing with Josh and the rest of the crew. I would highly recommend. They finished on time and it was such a transformation!”