The Psychology Of Color - Shades For Nonprofits

The Psychology Of Color – Shades For Nonprofits

When it comes to determining the right paint colors for a nonprofit organization, there are many things to consider. The type of business, the clientele, and the message you want to send all play a role in the final decision.

Nonprofit color themes are different since they don’t reach out to their audience with the mission of making a profit. The goal is to create awareness or support a cause. Spray Tex Painting, serving Allen, TX, will help you choose the best shades to reflect your message.

Before we begin, let’s briefly discuss 3 reasons why choosing the right shade is essential.

1. Colors Reflect The Personality

Your nonprofit organization is not only an entity but like a person of its own. The colors you select should represent the personality of your brand. When potential donors see these colors, they should be able to identify with the message and feel compelled to support the cause.

2. Wrong Colors Can Convey The Wrong Message

The colors you finalize should align with the message you are trying to put out there. For example, if your cause is related to environmental awareness, then using dark colors might not be the best idea as it might convey a sense of gloom and despair.

3. Colors Have Emotions

Every color evokes a certain feeling. The wrong color can make individuals feel uneasy or even sick. It’s essential to be mindful of the emotions that each shade produces.

Now let’s look at some shades and how you can utilize them to create the right mood for your cause.


Purity, cleanliness, and freshness are just some of the connotations of this color. It also has a calming effect, making it perfect for causes that promote mental health awareness or relaxation.


This calming color is helpful in promoting trust, serenity, and loyalty. It can also be used to communicate knowledge or wisdom.


Fresh, natural, and serene are a few ways to describe green. This color can also represent growth, abundance, and fertility.


Optimism, happiness, and energy are some of the feelings associated with yellow. It also evokes caution or warning.


Creativity, enthusiasm, and determination are a few of the emotions associated with orange. Organisms use it to communicate danger or caution.


Soft, delicate, and romantic are a few ways to describe pink. This color can also represent femininity or be used as a pretty decoration.


Mystical, royal, and creative are some of the feelings associated with purple. It can also be used to communicate spirituality or luxury.


Whether you’re an organization working for environmental causes or against child labor, colors can be a very important aspect of your branding. The colors you choose will have a strong association, so choose the right shades to reflect your message.

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