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Customer Name: Kemberly & Mischa

Location: Garland, TX

Project Details: Kemberly & Mischa had a large task ahead of them. They, like many other homeowners in North Texas, wanted to remove their outdated wallpaper. Wallpaper can be tricky, as it is never an easy process to remove.

In fact, the wall underneath often needs much more work than anticipated. This can potentially affect the future coat of paint or texture! We had to be very careful throughout the project to make sure it was done right. 

In addition to the removal of wallpaper, they also were interested in painting all cabinetry, walls and trim work. Like we said, this was no small home improvement project!

How it Went: Despite a few minor scheduling issues at the beginning of the project, we were able to complete the entire scope of work in just 3 days. Kemberly & Mischa’s home was built 25 years ago and still had the original wallpaper. It felt like changing out a piece of history!

When finished, we were able to transform their home into something the customer was looking for for a long time, an updated and modern looking bathroom. It turned out beautilfully! 

Customer Quote: “Great job for a reasonable price. This company did everything in the contract and helped me with other small jobs for no cost. They were good at making sure my wife was please. Take it from me… that’s not easy to do. I’ve been married to her for over 30 years. GREAT JOB!”

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