About Spray Tex Painting Award-Winning Painters

Spray Tex Painting was established in 2016 by two alumni from the University of North Texas. Go Mean Green! Since that time, and after thousands of houses, Spray Tex Painting has grown into one of the leading professional painting companies in the entire DFW metroplex. Spray Tex Painting was created with the intention of providing a top-notch service at a very competitive price. We aim to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work. So much so that you’ll want to tell your friends about us!

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The Spray Tex Painting Story

In the lively corridors of the University of North Texas in 2017, a unique hue of entrepreneurship was being painted, not by seasoned professionals but by two childhood friends bound by memories and dreams. Mason Marquis and Josh Angeli, who had been charting memories since their fourth-grade adventures, embarked on a journey that started with brushes, ladders, and cans of paint. While many college students find summer solace in house painting gigs, for Mason and Josh, it was a canvas of much greater potential.

Initially, Spray Tex Painting was an ode to college days, akin to a hobby that brought both monetary benefits and life lessons. But as the two friends delved deeper, they not only perfected the art and technique of painting but also recognized an underlying gap that persisted in the trades industry—a chasm where quality service and genuine care were often overlooked. It wasn’t just about adding color to walls; it was about crafting experiences and ensuring every home they touched resonated with warmth and precision.

A Spray Tex Lawn Sign

A Spray Tex Lawn Sign

An exterior project in progress

An exterior project in progress

Their vision rapidly evolved from a simple painting venture to an emblem of trust and commitment. The layers of paint became representative of their dedication, and every stroke was a testament to their passion. Mason and Josh's endeavors with Spray Tex Painting began highlighting an unwavering commitment to stand out in an industry often characterized by transient engagements.

The duo's ambition was further encapsulated in the company's profound mission: "Joyously Create and Empower Trusted Partnerships". This wasn't merely a statement—it became the guiding philosophy of Spray Tex Painting. It underscored the essence of their business, which was built upon trust, mutual respect, and a commitment to not just meet but exceed customer expectations.

Today, Spray Tex Painting stands as a testament to a bond that started in a school playground and flourished amidst the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. Mason and Josh's journey is not just about transforming spaces with color, but it's also about painting a legacy of trust, empowerment, and unparalleled service—one brushstroke at a time.

Our Team

Mason Marquis, Co-Founder & President

Mason Marquis

Co-Founder & President

Raised in California's scenic Newport Beach and later in the lively city of Austin, Texas, Mason Marquis's journey led him to a path blending the best of both worlds. Though California offered ocean breezes and a serene start, it was Austin's vibrant energy that shaped many of his formative experiences.

Studying Economics and Psychology at the University of North Texas (UNT) was transformative for Mason. It was during these years that he founded Spray Tex Painting right within the campus's spirited confines.

For Mason, Spray Tex Painting wasn't just a business. It was a canvas where he applied academic insights, especially the blend of economic principles and understanding of human behavior. Under his guidance, Spray Tex is more than a painting service; it's a space where client visions come to life, embodying a mix of dedication and creativity.

Outside of work, Mason finds joy in active hobbies, from mountain biking to skeet shooting. But it's the time spent with his wife, Mariana, and family that truly defines him. Their shared moments and laughter offer a sanctuary he cherishes.

To Mason, Spray Tex Painting is more than its colors and brushes. It's about building connections with employees and clients, fostering relationships rooted in mutual respect. Above all, Mason's leadership revolves around uplifting his team, helping them grow and thrive. At its core, Spray Tex Painting isn't just about a service; it's about creating meaningful experiences for both clients and team members, all led by a president who genuinely values people and their stories.

Tanya Franklin, Customer Success Manager

Tanya Franklin

Customer Success Manager

Born in Bremerton, Washington, Tanya moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in 2005 and is an alumna of Texas Woman’s University. In her free time, she's an avid reader and enjoys raising rabbits. Tanya thrives on connecting with clients and guiding them to find the optimal painting solutions for their homes.

Travis Bond, Sales Manager

Travis Bond

Sales Manager

Travis Bond is the dynamic Sales Manager at Spray Tex Painting, where his extensive leadership experience significantly enhances team performance and customer satisfaction. Born in Galveston, TX, Travis's commitment to service is evident through his years in the US Air Force, his time at Eastern New Mexico University, and his commission in the US Army. Transitioning from a distinguished 12-year tenure in law enforcement to entrepreneurship, he successfully launched and managed three businesses, further honing his executive acumen. At Spray Tex, he finds his work deeply fulfilling, proudly steering the company towards its core mission of prioritizing customer needs.

Sam Nimmo, Service Advisor

Sam Nimmo

Service Advisor

Originally from San Manuel, AZ, Sam moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in May 1986 and furthered his education at Baylor. He's a sports enthusiast with a particular love for football. At Spray Tex Painting, Sam values the relationships he forms and emphasizes building trusted partnerships with both clients and teammates.

Justin Halow, Field Supervisor

Justin Halow

Field Supervisor

Justin, an El Paso, Texas native, briefly attended UTEP. Outside the office, he loves to cook and hang out with friends. At Spray Tex Painting, he is deeply motivated by the entire painting process, taking pride in witnessing projects evolve from start to finish.

Trey Miller, Field Supervisor

Trey Miller

Field Supervisor

Trey hails from Corpus Christi, Texas, and became a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth community in 2020. His downtime is best spent rock climbing and fishing. Trey takes immense joy in his role at Spray Tex Painting, especially when interacting with customers and his dedicated team. His favorite aspect? Building meaningful connections and ensuring project success.

Cynthia Spann, Color Consultant

Cynthia Spann

Color Consultant

Born in Mountain Home, AR, Cynthia relocated to Dallas, TX in 1992 and pursued her artistic ambitions at the Art Institute of Dallas. In her leisure, she immerses herself in interior design projects, knitting, and watching home renovation shows, all while managing her lively household of a husband, two cats, and three dogs. Cynthia adores working with enthusiastic customers at Spray Tex Painting, helping them choose the perfect color palettes, and witnessing the culmination of beautiful projects.

Josh Angeli, Managing Partner

Josh Angeli

Managing Partner

Born in Austin, TX, Josh is a proud alumnus of the University of North Texas. In his free time, Josh loves to spend quality moments with his family, work out, and play frisbee golf. Passionate about growth and development, his favorite aspect of his role at Spray Tex Painting is the opportunity to nurture individuals into leaders and witness the stunning transformations of their projects.

Justin Wing, Service Advisor

Justin Wing

Service Advisor

A Dallas, TX native, Justin cherishes the moments he gets to spend with his children and the opportunities to travel. At Spray Tex Painting, Justin is passionate about forging lasting relationships. His commitment to nurturing these connections and his dedication to the company's growth stand out as his favorite aspects of the job.

Teiryn Fields, Service Advisor

Teiryn Fields

Service Advisor

Originally from Baton Rouge, LA, Teiryn is a proud graduate of Southern University. Outside of work, she treasures time with her daughter and has a penchant for writing and cars. At Spray Tex Painting, she's passionate about helping clients bring their painting visions to life.

Brooke Colan, Customer Success Specialist

Brooke Colan

Customer Success Specialist

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brooke moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2004 and later attended Collin College. In her leisure, she enjoys walks and reading books with her family. Brooke takes immense pride in being part of the outstanding Spray Tex Painting team. She relishes in assisting customers throughout their painting journeys and ensures they have a seamless experience.