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Dive into our portfolio and witness the transformative power of paint through our meticulous before and after snapshots. We hope our projects will speak for themselves.

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Project: Brick Painting in Gunter, TX

Before After

In Gunter, TX, Spray Tex Painting has completed a brick painting project that showcases their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. The home, which originally featured classic brick, now boasts a fresh, painted exterior. The new color scheme harmonizes with the home's architectural design, providing a contemporary edge while still respecting the house's structure and style. This update demonstrates the impact that professional painting can have on a home's aesthetic, giving it a renewed appearance and potentially enhancing its curb appeal and market value.

Project: Exterior Painting in Savannah, TX

Before After

In Savannah, TX, a home's exterior has been beautifully transformed by Spray Tex Painting. The project involved updating the color palette, which now features a combination that complements the home’s architectural details. The painting revitalizes the home's exterior, giving it a welcoming and updated presence in the community. This rejuvenation not only enhances the home's aesthetic appeal but also helps protect the exterior for years to come. The careful selection of colors and the professional application exemplify Spray Tex Painting's dedication to elevating homes with their work.

Project: Interior House Painting in Denton, TX

Before After

Spray Tex Painting has completed another project in Denton, TX, this time enhancing an interior staircase area. The transformation involved painting the walls a warm yellow hue, which adds a cozy and inviting ambiance to the space. This color choice enriches the area with a sunny brightness, making it feel more spacious and cheerful. The stairwell, previously a neutral tone, now carries a welcoming energy, demonstrating how a change in color can significantly alter the mood of a room. This update highlights the company's ability to select and apply colors that can make a home feel more harmonious and lively.

Project: Brick Painting in Plano, TX

Before After

Spray Tex Painting has updated a brick house in Plano, TX, with a new coat of white paint. The original brick was well-made and sturdy. The fresh paint has given the house a bright and modern look. It stands out in the neighborhood now and shows how a good paint job can make a big difference.

Project: House Painting in Fort Worth, TX

Before After

In Fort Worth, TX, a quaint home has been given new life with a professional paint job by Spray Tex Painting. The property, which once had a more muted appearance, now radiates with a refreshed exterior. The chosen paint color enhances the home’s charming features and integrates beautifully with the surrounding landscape. This project exemplifies how an expert application of paint can update a home’s look, boost its curb appeal, and make it stand out in its neighborhood.

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