Fence and Deck Staining by Spray Tex Painting

At Spray Tex Painting, we understand that outdoor spaces like fences and decks are crucial elements of your property's curb appeal and functionality. Our fence and deck staining services are crafted to protect and enhance these outdoor features, ensuring they stand up to the elements while looking their best.

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Why Stain Your Fence and Deck?

Staining is essential for preserving the longevity and appearance of your wood structures. It protects against weather damage, UV rays, and wear and tear, while also enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.

Our Process

We begin with a detailed assessment of your fence or deck, followed by thorough preparation, including cleaning and necessary repairs. We then apply high-quality stains, chosen for their durability and ability to complement your outdoor aesthetic.

Semi-transparent stain being applied to a deck

Semi-transparent stain being applied to a deck

A painted fence

A painted fence

Customized Solutions

Whether you prefer a natural look that highlights the wood grain or a solid stain for a bold statement, our team can recommend the perfect color and finish. Our goal is to create a harmonious look that aligns with your property's overall style.

Long-Lasting Results

We use premium products that ensure long-lasting protection, maintaining the integrity and beauty of your wood structures. Our staining process not only adds aesthetic value but also extends the life of your fences and decks.

A stained planter box with flowers

5 out of 5 stars

“Spray Tex was able to get started on our job far earlier than expected. They were very accommodating, and thoroughly explained the process so that there was no confusion. The quality of the work was excellent, and the staff has been helpful, attentive, and professional. If you’re not using Spray Tex, you’re missing out.”

Thonas G.

Quality Workmanship Backed By An Industry-Leading Warranty

At Spraytex, we believe that quality should always be the forefront of our business. Our team of experienced, full-time painters are experts at their craft, which allows us to offer our customers an industry-leading 10-Year Transferrable Warranty on all Interior Painting Projects, and a 5-Year Transferrable Warranty on all Exterior Painting Projects.

Paint Now, Pay Later

We offer In-House, 0% Financing over 12 months to qualified buyers so you can get your home painted now, without the up-front expenses.

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Join Us in Painting a Legacy

Embark on this journey with us. Whether you're looking to refresh a single room or transform an entire property, Spray Tex Painting is here to guide, inspire, and deliver. After all, it's not just about color—it's about creating a legacy, one brushstroke at a time.