DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Fails - 7 Reasons To Get A Pro To Do The Job Right!

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Fails – 7 Reasons To Get A Pro To Do The Job Right!

The joy of a kitchen remodeling project is often short-lived when the cabinets are painted by an inexperienced hand. As much as you enjoy it, DIY kitchen cabinet painting can be disastrous if you’re not careful. Spray Tex Painting will tell you about the seven most common mistakes made during kitchen cabinet painting and why it’s best to leave the job to the pros!

1. Not Removing All The Dirt And Grease First

This is a kitchen, after all. All that cooking leaves a lot of grease and grime on the surfaces, which will show through your new paint job if you don’t remove it first. Cabinet painters near Denton use special degreasers and cleaners to ensure the grease is gone before they start painting.

2. Skipping Surface Sanding

Novices often think they can just start painting right over the old finish. But if you don’t sand first, the new paint won’t adhere properly and will begin to peel. To make the most of your new paint job, ensure the surface is sanded smooth before painting.

3. Forgetting To Use A Primer

Priming the surface is key to getting a smooth, even finish. Without primer, you may end up with blotchy or streaky paint. Cabinet painting is tricky because you often need to use a different type of primer than you would for other surfaces.

4. Applying Paint Unevenly

Your kitchen cabinets are likely to be some of the most-used surfaces in your home. Failing to apply the paint evenly will make areas more susceptible to wear and tear.

5. Missing Spots While Painting

Suppose you’re using the signing technique or another method that involves painting around hinges and other hardware. In that case, it’s easy to miss a spot. These missed spots will be especially noticeable once the paint dries..

6. Not Knowing The Right Paint

Materials decide which sheen levels are suitable for a kitchen. Eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss have their respective advantages and disadvantages, but the painted surface also factors in. A mistake as tiny as selecting the wrong paint sheen could ruin an entire project.

7. Rehanging Doors And Drawers Without New Hardware

If your goal is to give your kitchen a fresh, new look, then applying the paint on your cabinets is only half the battle. Cabinet hardware can date a kitchen, so replacing it with new, modern hardware can change your space’s look. But if you put the doors and drawers back on without replacing the hardware, all your hard work will go to waste.

End Note:

Hiring a professional cabinet painter near Denton is the best way to avoid any of these kitchen cabinet painting failures. A pro will have the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to conduct the job flawlessly.

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