4 Types Of Exterior Sheens For A Perfect Finish!

4 Types Of Exterior Sheens For A Perfect Finish!

You may have heard the saying, “you can never be too rich or too thin.” Well, the same could be said for your house. A perfect finish is key to showing your neighbors and passers-by that you’ve made it, and a high-gloss exterior sheen is the perfect way to do it?

There are many decisions to make when painting the exterior of your house. One of the most crucial decisions is what color to choose, but another important decision is what type of sheen to use. Sheen refers to how shiny or dull the paint will be after it dries. Different finishes will look better or worse on various houses, so choosing the right one is essential. Here are four common types of exterior sheens.

Picking the right sheen for your home can be tricky; let Spray Tex Painting help. With our guide, you should be able to make an informed decision. Happy painting!

Types of Exterior Sheens

When it comes to home exterior paints, you have a few different options for the type of sheen you use. Sheen is simply the level of gloss on your paint. Here are four types of exterior sheens.

1. Flat Finish

A flat finish is ideal for hiding imperfections in your walls and giving your home a finished look. It is a good option if you have an older home with some cracks and bumps that you want to hide. However, a flat finish doesn’t reflect light as much as other finishes, so it can make your home appear a little bit darker.

2. Eggshell Finish

An eggshell finish is slightly more reflective than a flat finish, making your home appear a little bit brighter. It’s also not as shiny as a gloss finish, so it’s a good option if you want a subtle look.

3. Satin Finish

A satin finish can be considered a mix of flat and eggshell finish. It’s slightly more reflective than an eggshell finish but not as shiny as a gloss finish. It is a good option if you want a slight shine without going too over the top.

4. Gloss Finish

A gloss finish is the most reflective of all the finishes, making your home appear the brightest. However, it can also be the most distracting due to its high level of luster.

Get the Best Exterior Finish For Your House

The finish of your exterior sheen is important for a few reasons. First, it will affect the overall look of your home. Second, it will affect how your home holds up against weathering and fading. Finally, it will also affect how easy it is to clean the exterior of your home. Hence, you should choose your exterior sheen carefully.

Now that you know all about the different types of sheens, it’s time to pick the perfect one for your home. Not sure where to start? Our team at Spray Tex Painting can help. We offer our services in Plano, TX, and are happy to walk you through each step of the painting process so you can achieve the perfect finish for your home.

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