Caring For A New House Painting Project After Completion

Published on September 12, 2022
Updated on December 11, 2023
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Caring For A New House Painting Project After Completion

Key Takeaways:

  • A new paint job can transform the look of your house, and it's a great way to freshen things up.

  • Maintenance of your paint job is essential to make it last longer and stay looking good.

  • You can increase the property's value and curb appeal of your exterior by ensuring that your paint job is well-cared for.

  • Trust a professional exterior painter for the best results and to make the paint last.

Who doesn't love a freshly painted house? The newness, the cleanliness, the smell. All of it makes your house feel… well, like new! But what happens once the painting job is completed and all of those lovely house painters leave your home? How do you take care of your new paint job to ensure it lasts for years?

House painting can be intimidating and expensive, so you want to ensure that you take care of your investment once the job is completed. To make it all a smooth experience for you,Spray Tex Paintingis here to help you with tips on taking care of your fresh house painting job.

The Importance of a Good Paint Job

We thought about starting by introducing how significant interior and exterior painting is for your abode. If the last time your house was painted was more than five years ago, then it's probably high time you called house painters in Lantana. Let's see why:

Paint is an ideal way to protect your home's investment.

Let's assume your home holds excellent value regarding its market worth and sentimental value. You would want to protect that, right? A fresh coat of paint does precisely that - it protects your house from the harshness of the outside world, whether it's the sun, rain, snow, or wind.

Fresh house painting can do wonders for its curb appeal.

It's been a good few years that your home has had a makeover, and it shows. The paint is chipped, faded, and generally looks terrible. We recommend a new coat of paint to impress your peers, friends, and neighbors. It'll make your home look better and feel newer - who doesn't love that?

Paint can also help you save money on energy bills.

This one is a bit of a two-for-one. Not only will a new coat of paint add an extra layer of protection to your home, but it will make your home energy efficient. That doesn't make sense. Wait till we explain it.

When temperatures are high, thepaint on your home's exterior acts as an insulator. Using a lighter shade also reflects the heat, which helps keep your home cooler in the summer leading to lower energy bills.

An exterior paint job can help you breathe new life into your home.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders if your home looks a little tired. Isn't it astounding that something as simple as a new color can make your house look completely different? If selling your home is a potential possibility, a new exterior paint job can be the way to go for making it attractive for new buyers and getting top dollar.

Tips for Maintaining Your Paint Job

And now we have come to the part where we need to take care of the paint job once it is completed. It's not as complex as it seemingly portrays. If you follow these tips, your paint job will stay in its best state for many years.

- Avoid high abrasion

It's not unnatural to have that irresistible desire to scrub your walls when a little dirt appears. However, this can damage the paint and cause it to fade or even peel over time. There are several alternatives to cleaning your interior or exterior paint.

For example, if only a matter of a few months that you've had your paint job, you can wash it with a soft sponge and some soapy water. You can use a pressure washer on a low setting if it's been more than a few months.

- Inspect the condition of your paint regularly

Maintaining your paint job means frequently checking for cracks, chips, or other damage. You can prevent additional wear and tear by repairing these promptly and keeping your paint job in excellent condition.

- Use a mild soap to clean

To repeat what we said previously, avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners on your paint job. You should also avoid scrubbing your walls harshly. A basic store-bought mild cleaner should do the trick. You must make a mixture of chemicals and water and apply it to the sponge.

- Don't wait until the paint is peeling to repaint

Waiting too long to repaint can cause extensive damage to your home and be very expensive to fix. If you see any peeling or chipping, take care of it without any delays, or else you'll be paying for it later on down the line.

- Touch up as needed

Seeing tiny paint flakes falling off can be painful, but don't worry. It's not the end of the world. You can touch up those areas with a bit of paint and be good as new. Just make sure you're using the same color of paint to blend in seamlessly. However, the best thing to do would be to hire professional house painters in Lantana, TX.

- Consider repainting every 5-7 years

Don't let your pain sit too long without a touch-up, or you'll be dealing with a much bigger project than you originally signed up for. A good rule of thumb is to repaint every 5-7 years, but this obviously depends on the condition of your current house painting and how well it's been taken care of.


A fresh and renewed coat of paint can be a wonderful addition to your abode – it can brighten up a space, rejuvenate it, and increase its curb appeal. But once the painting is done, it's essential to take care of the paint so it lasts. With some upkeep and the right products, you can keep your home looking fresh and new for years to come.

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