Why You Shouldn't Attempt Exterior Brick Painting as a DIY Project

Published on April 27, 2023
Updated on December 11, 2023
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Why You Shouldn't Attempt Exterior Brick Painting as a DIY Project

Have you ever thought about painting the brick exterior of your home by yourself? Sure, it might seem like a great DIY project. However, there are many reasons why attempting to paint the outside bricks of your house is not a good idea and should be avoided at all costs. In this article, we will explore why you shouldn't attempt exterior brick painting as a DIY project and discuss some alternatives that can help spruce up the appearance of your home without risking costly damage or repairs.

The first reason why amateur brick painting can be dangerous is that it requires specialized knowledge and skills to properly apply the coatings on an outdoor surface. Not only do you need to know which type of primer and sealer to use for best results, but also how much pressure needs to be applied when applying each layer of paint. If done incorrectly, this could result in irreparable damage to the brick façade or cause cracks due to improper application techniques.

Additionally, even if one were able to complete their exterior brick painting job, they would still face other challenges down the road such as weathering factors like sun exposure, wind, rain, and snow which can quickly wear away any protective layers applied during the initial process - potentially resulting in discoloration or peeling of paint over time. Therefore, taking into consideration all these risks involved with undertaking such a task on your own makes hiring a professional painter a more appealing option than trying it yourself.

Preparation Requirements

Do-it-yourself projects can be a great way to save time and money, but when it comes to painting the exterior of brick fireplaces or other parts of your house, you may want to think twice. Painting an exterior brick surface is no small task—the preparation requirements alone are enough for many homeowners to hire professionals in Plano, TX instead.

Painting brick houses can be a challenging task but is well worth the effort. Before you begin painting, make sure to scrub and prepare the brick with high-quality oil-based paint suitable for masonry surfaces. Additionally, the sealant should be applied over the area to protect it from water damage and any cracks in mortar joints should also be sealed. Finally, remember that even experienced DIYers might find working from heights on ladders or scaffolding a too daunting task - it's easy to see why so many people opt for professional painters when it comes to painting their brick houses.

Potential Damage To Bricks And Mortar

When you paint a brick house, care must be taken to ensure the best outcome. Proper preparation is essential, which may include cleaning the surface with a stiff brush, priming it with an oil-based paint suitable for masonry surfaces, and sealing any cracks in mortar joints. Furthermore, taking extra precautions to protect against water damage will help maintain the painted brick for years to come. It's also important to note that older masonry walls should not be painted if they contain efflorescence since this can trap moisture and cause further deterioration of the material.

These considerations make DIY painting of an exterior brick surface a task best left to Plano, TX professionals who understand how to properly prepare and protect your home from additional wear and tear. With their expertise and access to specialized equipment, painters can ensure that your project will look great for years down the road without causing any lasting harm.

Necessary Tools And Materials

Painting bricks on the exterior of your home requires careful planning and the use of the right materials. Your first step should be to choose a quality product designed for brick surfaces; masonry flat paint works best due to its resistance to cracking and fading, as well as its ability to provide good coverage and adhesion. If you're looking for something more vibrant, pre-tinted options are also available in an array of colors. Additionally, semi-gloss enamels can help reduce dirt and mildew buildup without sacrificing durability or aesthetic appeal. Not only will this ensure that your painted exterior brick looks good, but it will also give it a longer lifespan.

Finally, to ensure proper application techniques (which will be discussed in more detail shortly), you'll want to invest in quality brushes, rollers, and other applicators made especially for use with masonry paints. Additionally, prepping items such as drop cloths, painter's tape, and caulking should not be overlooked—all these components play an integral role in ensuring successful outcomes when attempting any type of outdoor painting job.

Application Techniques

Painting bricks can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation, tools, and knowledge, it can result in a beautiful transformation. To take advantage of airless sprayers for a faster, smoother application with less mess, specialized paints for masonry surfaces should be used. Additionally, some homeowners may opt for the rustic look provided by whitewashing their bricks; however, this style does require more maintenance over time. Furthermore, due to the porous nature of brick walls, it's important to take extra steps to protect against water damage such as cleaning and sealing mortar joints and cracks. Knowing these dos and don'ts can help ensure that your painted brick homes remain in excellent condition long-term.

Before you begin any exterior painting project, remember to prime the surface first for better adhesion and coverage. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions to understand how long each product needs to cure according to their advice so they can withstand rain and sun exposure. Weather can also play a factor when it comes time to choose an application technique—airless paint sprayers often provide a smooth finish with less effort than traditional rollers, but make sure temperatures are cool enough so the curing process isn't hampered. With these tips in mind, your roller or paint sprayer is ready for action!

Weather Considerations

Painting exterior brick surfaces requires some extra considerations. Before you begin, make sure to select a paint specifically designed for outdoor use that can withstand harsh elements like rain or snow. Applying at least one coat of paint before bad weather arrives is important for proper drying and will help protect the unpainted brick from water damage in the future. Additionally, try to avoid painting in extreme heat as this can cause improper curing times which could lead to chipping or fading of the paint. When selecting an application technique, airless sprayers are often recommended as they provide an even finish with less effort than traditional brushes and rollers. With proper planning and preparation, your painting project should be a success!

Accessibility Challenges For DIY Projects

Many DIY-ers underestimate the amount of work that goes into a successful exterior brick painting project. It can be challenging to navigate around obstacles like window frames and other structures, as well as difficult to reach up higher than 10 feet off the ground with ladders or other equipment. On average, it takes between 25–50 hours to cover a single square foot of a brick wall, depending on its size and shape – making this type of paint job very time-consuming! In addition, without enough experience and knowledge about how best to prepare the surface before applying any coats of paint, you may end up doing more harm than good by causing damage to your bricks.

To ensure success in your project while avoiding costly mistakes, consider hiring professionals who have prior experience working with exterior surfaces. Professional painters in Plano, TX will know what types of materials are best suited for outdoor projects as well as understand proper techniques for prepping the existing surface before beginning their work. They also have access to specialized tools such as scaffolding and lift systems which allow them to complete jobs faster and safely from various heights when needed.

Quality Assurance With Professional Services

When it comes to exterior painting, quality assurance should be top of mind. Professional services are the best option for ensuring that your brick walls are properly prepped and painted correctly – saving you time, money, and potential headaches down the road. Not only do professional painters provide high-quality results with minimal mess or disruption to your home, but they also have access to tuckpointing supplies which can help repair any existing damage on exposed mortar joints before applying coats of paint.

In addition, a breakdown of time spent is typically provided when hiring professionals so that you know precisely how long your project will take from start to finish. This ensures that all jobs are completed in an efficient and timely manner without sacrificing quality or performance standards. Furthermore, many companies offer warranties on their workmanship as added protection against future damages or discoloration due to weather exposure or other unforeseen circumstances.


DIY projects can be a great way to save money and tackle home improvement tasks, but when it comes to exterior brick painting, you may want to consider hiring professional services. Even with the proper preparation requirements, potential damage to bricks and mortar, necessary tools and materials, application techniques, weather considerations, and accessibility challenges – not everyone is equipped for this type of project.

Professional painters have access to high-quality paints that will last longer than cheaper DIY products. They also know how to properly apply the paint so that it adheres well without damaging bricks or mortar. So why take risks doing something outside your skill set? Consider putting your trust in experienced professionals who guarantee their workmanship rather than leaving yourself open to costly mistakes.


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