Customer Name: Triana

Location: Ft Worth TX

Job Description: Spray Tex was hired to do a serious overhaul of this exterior. This homeowner wanted a bold and unique color scheme and we were able to help make it a reality! Some minor wood repairs, resealing the home, and a fresh coat of paint on all the wood. We also applied a slightly diluted masonry stain to all the brick surfaces to finish things off!

How it Went: This project went well overall but took a little bit of brainstorming to find the best color scheme and solution for the brick. The goal for the brick was to have some of the brick character and different shading still be slightly visible through the product. We settled on colors for the wood after applying samples. After colors, we were able to decide between stain and paint for the brick. Once colors and the process was decided, we were able to get everything finished and touched up in 4 1/2 days.

Customer Quote: The project details weren’t clearly communicated in the beginning, however, spray tex made sure they fulfilled their contract obligations. They were extremely easy to work with.