Commercial Interiors - Why Paint Trumps Wallpaper?

Published on October 5, 2022
Updated on December 11, 2023
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Commercial Interiors - Why Paint Trumps Wallpaper?

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite the hype about wallpapers for commercial spaces, they are not a cost-effective option for high-traffic commercial interiors.

  • Paint offers far more creative freedom, textures, & low labor costs compared to wallpaper surface prep & installation.

  • The 'make good' clause in a commercial lease agreement stipulates that a leased space be reverted to its original state at the lease's end. Ergo, a paint job is very & inexpensive & effortless to revert.

  • Both activities have nearly the same downtime, but wallpapering is far more labor-intensive.

  • Wallpaper is popular, but the thought of removing & renovating the space is enough to discourage buyers & lessors from opting for such a space.

  • Spray Tex Painting believes in the durability & creative freedom of painting commercial spaces.

Selecting wallpaper for commercial interiors sounds like a fun option until you realize it is not all that helpful when you have to tear it down and rework surfaces for an upgrade. It creates much of a mess, the removal costs are insane, and it is not ideal for spaces constantly passing from lessor to lessor.

We care as much about your commercial renovation budget as you do, so trust Spray Tex Painting. We'll guide you in the cost-effective direction for renovating a leased commercial space.

Wallpaper vs. Paint - Considerations for a Commercial Space

Wallpaper vs. Paint - Considerations for a Commercial Space

Project Downtime

That's when business operations are halted until a contractor is done painting your commercial interiors. If your office is a newly leased commercial space, that might not be much of an issue. Still, an operational office might have to consider downtime opportunity cost before scheduling a commercial interior improvement job.

If the leased space is getting renovated, that will take additional time. Consider this before moving forward.

Surface Preparation

In the case of painting commercial interiors, there is a lot of surface prep that involves cleaning, sanding, filling, & priming, to get the walls to code for painting or wallpaper.

If the walls are already painted, there is additional work to strip the walls bare, remove surface contaminants & then prepare them. Professional painters will ensure all electrical sockets, conduits, & control boxes are isolated from contact during the surface prep process.

Wallpaper for commercial spaces requires more intensive wall fillers & electrical conduit insulation. If the area has drywalls, they need to be spotless to allow paper adhesion. Wallpaper demands intensive labor.

Variety & Appearance

While both wallpapers & paints come in numerous textures & hues, you have to consider the spatial theme before painting commercial interiors or getting wallpaper for commercial interiors.

Take your planned office layout, accent theme, and nature of the business to decide what suits the commercial space best. You would do well to consult our professional painters for a color consult.

Surface Finishes

Keeping in mind the theme of the office, the nature of the business & brand colors, there are specific finishes when painting commercial interiors or selecting wallpaper for commercial interiors.

For Paint

Latex-Based Paints

They are similar to acrylic paints and suit open-plan commercial spaces. They are not subject to deformation from extreme climatic & weather changes.

Oil-Based Paints

It is an affordable option with a higher degree of color fastness & durability. This paint will suit the walls if your office walls are wood or shiplap siding. It's up to you to pick the color.

Flat Paint

If you need a cost-effective way to hide wall imperfections when painting commercial interiors is to use flat paint. It can cover wall blemishes & rough wall filings with its reflective properties.

Textured Paint

Suppose you have a niche business that calls for texture when painting commercial interiors. It might take a bit longer to prep & apply, but it can mask imperfection while giving your office a high-end look.


It's a low luster finish that suits brightly lit spaces. It's not too shiny but will work for almost any commercial space.

Semi-Gloss & Gloss

That is the day's pick if you need a highly reflective finish. However, it might need a few too many coats to cure that high sheen into the final finish, and that will count in the downtime.

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For Wallpaper

  • Lining - They are ideally used in high-traffic commercial spaces as they smooth out surfaces & offer easy cleaning.

  • Printed Vinyl - If you need an accent wall with a bit more 'pop, you can add printed wallpapers to your commercial space.

  • Bamboo - It's an expensive option with natural antiseptic properties that prevent mold & mildew growth.

  • Mylar - It's paper-backed polyester that gives off a wet & shiny appearance. It is suitable as an accent or to adorn the main office wall.

  • Flock - If your commercial theme is vintage, this faux-velvet style is perfect for the space.

  • Foil - These are a class of metallic foil wallpaper that is ideal for uplifting darker rooms. They offer a flare that's unmatched by other wallpapers.


Matte is the worst pick for commercial space as it can get dirty quickly. If your area is going to be high-traffic, you better opt for a high-gloss finish. It's durable & low-maintenance.

Regarding wallpaper selection for commercial interiors, remember, no matter what type, it will fail in a humid climate, or the walls will experience seepage.


The actual determiner in painting commercial interiors or installing wallpapers for commercial interiors is the size of the work area. Then comes the floor height, the wall filings, the equipment required, and the labor needed for the type of texture.

But, if you need an honest answer, painting is the least expensive of the two, and it is also cost-effective when fulfilling the 'make good' clause.


When painting commercial areas that experience high traffic, texture needs to be kept to a minimum. The same goes for wallpaper. The higher you go in wall textures, the harder it becomes to clean them daily.

Commercial Painting


  • It offers you a wide range of hues for a commercial space.

  • The surface prep for painting requires far less downtime than wallpaper.

  • You can quickly prep & paint over a dissatisfying color.

  • Painting is a significantly inexpensive option as compared to wallpaper.


  • You need a leveled, flawless & impeccably clean foundation for the paint to adhere to the walls.

  • There are further considerations regarding painting over wall fillers, the paint absorption rates, thinning, number of coats & the drying time required between them.

  • High matte paints are an excellent choice in interior paint if done well. Still, they are susceptible to surface imperfections.

Commercial Wallpaper


  • Wallpapers offer creativity in the availability of textures, customization, and designs for an office space.

  • They are far more durable than a coat of paint and can last longer with minimal maintenance.

  • Wallpapers require minimal cleaning - modern varieties come with a hydrophobic coating.


  • Wallpapers are relatively expensive compared to paint & demand intensive labor.

  • They are difficult to remove and leave quite a mess in their wake.

  • Require climate-controlled environments to adhere to the walls; they can peel off in humid commercial spaces.

  • Some wallpapers can be hazardous for a commercial space because they might release VOC (volatile organic compounds) that can trigger allergic reactions in individuals.

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Hire Exceptional Painters in Argyle, TX, For A Commercial Upgrade!

Suppose you are still confused over your creative choices & the limits a 'make good' clause puts on your plans to renovate a lease space. In that case, you can contact our professional painters for advice.

Spray Tex Painting, serving Argyle, TX, is all too familiar with the vast, creative possibilities that paint offers for both residential & commercial spaces. We guarantee you the best quality paint finishes & textures for any painting project, or we'll eat our hat!

Please, feel free to secure a free quote on our services today, and remember to tell your landlord about our exceptional track record!


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